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Color codes are the path of produce and representing the colothat computers generally display.

Here, a color code generator or RGB color code generator is a tool like other tools to generate a random combination of color sets. The tool will help you to create different random colors for your applications in eclectic color combinations such as HEX, RGB, RGBA, HSV, CMYK and HSL. Now, what precisely are these color types? Let`s understand this briefly.

The color format plays an essential role in HTML for web designing and generates excellent color digitally.


color HEX is called with a hexadecimal name which represents a color in RGB format. Three values come in this format that is red, green, and blue.

Developers and designers heavily use the HEX color combination in web design. It`s six-digit numbers and letters combinations, including Red, Green, and Blue.

Being a person, We can not imagine the color codes. For that, we have various tools. With the help of those tools, we can see the exact color combinations for our application. Just search the color code generator, and you see a bunch of websites for color name generators. You can also create HEX code online by using the online tools. It will choose any color combination or generate your custom color. Just search the hex code color generator, and you can get many results.


called RED, GREEN, BLUE in the real world. This combination is a classic combination to produce color on screens, such as TVs, monitors, smartphones screen and many more.

The color combination supported by RGB depends on how many color combinations come under red, green, blue. Approximately 16,777,216 total possible colors we can generally use. You can find an RGB color code generator online to generate your custom color.


is a one-color value like RGB with an alpha channel. One type of CSS color that allows you to set opacity and transparency. Here, the alpha color represents the opacity/transparency. You can generate a name by RGBA color code generator.


HSL and HSV are the organisation of RGB color combination/model. HUE, Saturation and Value, three are the components of HSV. It`s similar to the modern RGB and CMYK model. HSV is also a well-known hex-cone color model.


s a combination of cyan(c), magenta(M), yellow(Y), and black(k for "key") color mode used to create high definition images and in graphic design. CMYK is a four-color process.

Technically, while you add pure cyan, magenta, and yellow in equal amounts, it should produce black. Nevertheless, with impurities in ink, it isn`t easy to create black. That is why black is included with three colors, and "K" is used to avoid confusion with blue in RGB.


means (Hue, Saturation, Lightness), it uses the degrees of the wheel of color to notify you what color you are on. If you use the color wheel, you should tell them by its number without thinking about the color.

  • 0 = red
  • 60 = yellow
  • 120 = green
  • 180 =cyan
  • 240 = blue
  • 300 = magenta

Saturation:is used to know how much the color is colorful. Like 0% is full grey, and 100% is fully colored.

Lightness:is used to how dark or bright the color is. 0% means the color is black, and 100% is white. 50% means more accurate color.

So now, you know how you can create color code with a 100% free using color code generator tool called NameGenTool or you can check other tools to generate it. There is no limit to creating color code names. You can create multiple times with this free tool. Just try it to generate your color code.