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Wu-tang is a very famous Staten Island, American based hip-hop rap style, and it started in 1992 by the very renowned hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. For the quarter of a century, the different rappers from the very famous Staten Island have been rebellious in hip-hop. The unforgettable spiritual successors of the Wu-Tang changed the sound and the business of the rap industry forever.

Wu-Tang called Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game.

Wu-Tang name generator mainly works on three main goals:

  • Amplify
  • Earn Credibility
  • Innovate


How can we pass the message once we’ve got the props with the kernel? We had to make exciting activations that they would want to share with their followers to improve the marketing of the event with a new look at UGC. This is how we can accomplish your decided goals.

Earn Credibility

Hip-hop listeners don’t let anyone in. You have to get credit before you become part of the crew. We had to prove that we understood the Wu-Tang myth well for fans to support the show.


To eliminate the noise in a highly saturated social landscape, we have to do something else that fans and newcomers alike can understand.

Naming is vital in this category, and for that, many online wu-tang rap names generators are available. With the help of it, you can generate a variety of name. Naming is significant because a character is an identity, and by the unique name, fans can recognise you very quickly.

We have something to prove to fans of the legendary hip-hop bag by participating in this campaign. We had to make a fuss with something fresh to make the show enjoyable. Wu-Tang Name Generator combines the innovative use of the Twitter tool “Heart Memory” with our extensive knowledge of the Shaolin world to attract fans to 36 cameras.

Which things make Wu-tang unique? A unique thing is about the Wu-Tang Clan is the uniqueness of each segment and their stage name. RZA. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Raekwon. They are more substantial than the sum of their parts. What if we managed to give the fans of the Wu-Tang band a nickname of their own?

Firstly, we fix more than 50 unique Wu names in static name chips created in the same style as the event marketing stuff. The terms generated with the help of words and phrases from the songs of the Wu-Tang clan and colliding worlds of Wu and Shaolin, which originally revived the myth.

Then we managed to call up RZA fans on our Twitter channel and invite them to “like” the tweet to get their username. Due to the further development of RZA, our campaign received a seal of approval for the kernels we wanted to activate. In addition to these tweets, we promote a secondary tweet with a static card asking users to “Like” them to get their Wu name.

After users click “Like” on this post, they receive a personalised notification in their inbox. Users are given their unique name, instantly available for them to like, retweet, and share with all of their friends.

The fans can never get enough as they all comment and novel character on social media on our posts with the original identity, and they all are looking forward to the premiere of the show. From there, fans get images and GIFs weekly and friendly reminder, and after that, a new episode is ready to take a drive.

So if you want to make and plan to make your identity in the rap/hip-hop world, you need an identity. It would help if you started with a geed name. Create your name with your ideas, or you can use the wu-tang name generator tool to create a cool name for your fans.