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What do you mean by "wizard"?

A wizard, or sorceress, is a person who has magical powers and can cast a spell. Often, wizards obtain their power by practicing magic. On the other hand, they might also have ancestral magic power. Wizards are mostly the fantasy characters of tales or mythological stories of ancient times. Many role play games like D&D have a wizard as a role play character. In the game D&D, the wizard has a superpower and can cast different spells like mind control, fire grate, etc. which can control monsters. They can change one thing to another and can open portals between two worlds etc.

How does the wizard name generator work?

In many role play games like D&D wizard is the powerful character who uses his magical powers to control and defecte its enemy. You can role play this character and defeat your enemy, but powerful characters require a powerful wizard names for their character.

By using this wizard name generator tool, you can generate famous wizard names.

  • All you have to do is open the webpage.
  • Select the number of results you want, and click on which gender name you want to generate.
  • After clicking on the particular gender, your result will be displayed.

It’s easy to name a wizard with this wizard name generator tool.

Can I use the random wizard names that this tool creates?

The purpose of creating this wizard name generator tool is to help players to find cool mage names for their characters. In role play games, a unique wizard name plays an important role. You can use this wizard name generator tool to name a wizard and can use the names generated by this tool wherever you wish to. Create a Google game or write a story and use these wonderful wizard names generated by this tool.

How many ideas can I generate with this Wizard Name Generator?

Since fantasy knows no bounds, neither does this wizard name generator tool. There is no fixed number of results you can choose from. If you’re not happy with them, you can generate them again until you come up with the ideal and cool wizard name for your character.

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Give some good wizard names.

By using this magician name generator tool, you can easily generate cool wizard names for your character. All you have to do is select the number of results you want and the gender. You can generate both female wizard names and male wizard names.

Here are some of the coolest wizard names for your reference.

Examples of male wizard names

Number Name
#1 Awe
#2 Content
#3 Promise
#4 Nithxori
#5 Lilnarei
#6 Initor
#7 Reqirax
#8 Azoxius
#9 Wadalf
#10 Alepius

Examples of female wizard names

Number Name
#1 Phoebe
#2 Sylvia
#3 Titania
#4 Vesta
#5 Diana
#6 Mikon
#7 Ohimari
#8 Ephalune
#9 Dukon
#10 Umezora

Examples of neutral wizard names

Number Name
#1 Rune
#2 Mojo
#3 Taboo
#4 Trance
#5 Wiccan
#6 Uzineth
#7 Olin
#8 Alassaem
#9 Asizor
#10 Edeis