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Do you want a unique name for your World of Warcraft (WoW) character avatar? Perhaps something specific to a certain race? Make use of our WoW name generator and get access to zillions of names. WoW is undoubtedly one of the most popular games out of all MMORGPs ever. Reports suggest that there are around a whopping 4.8 million WoW gamers as of 2020! Which means, if you’re on the platform, you need to spruce up your online presence to stand out in the crowd of gamers. How better to do that than by choosing an apt name for your avatar. So, go ahead and give our WoW name generator a try. You won’t be disappointed!

How to use our WoW name generator?

Our WoW name generator is so easy to use! You basically need to log in to our website, click on ‘WoW name generator’, choose the class, race, and faction of your choice, and click on the ‘Generate’ button. You can choose from the available options or keeping generating names until you find one you like. Our software ensures that all the names are generated on random. If both you and your friend are using our WoW name generator on two devices, and are looking for, let’s say, gnome names, the lists generated on both your devices will be unique. You can also look for specific races as well. For instance, if you are looking for orc names, you can use our WoW orc name generator. Similarly, for dwarf names, you can use our WoW dwarf name generator.

Why use our WoW name generator

Like other MMORPGs, WoW is a role-playing video game where you need to carry out missions called ‘quests' to progress. First, you get to create a character avatar and choose their faction (either the Alliance or the Horde). You won’t be able to change this, so choose wisely! Once you chose your faction, you can select your race and class. That’s when you need to use our WoW name generator. As the race could be anything from gnomes to orcs, a name highlighting their personalities and strengths can give your avatar that much needed X factor. Each race has unique racial traits (active and passive). For instance, one of the passive traits of an orc, from the Horde faction, 'hardiness', reduces stun effects by an additional 20%. If you have an idea about these unique characteristics, select a name that highlights these superpowers. You can also generate human names using our human name generator.

Unlike other name generators, our WoW name generator gives an array of names which are apt for each race and class. Select a name which suits your liking and proceed. Apart from completing quests, you need to take up dungeon runs and raids and fulfil other mini tasks to progress in the game. The game is simply super addictive!

You won’t be able to change names once you create an avatar. Unless, of course, you buy the name change service offered within the game. So, choose a name from the list given on our WoW name generator. You won’t have to spend $$$ to change it later!

Tips for finding the ideal WoW name

One of the ways to make your online presence felt in an MMORPG is by selecting a unique name. If you’re finding it difficult to choose from the names generated by our WoW name generator, these tips and tricks to make your search much easier.

  • Choose a name you can relate to. Let’s say if you’re looking for something fierce to frighten the living daylights of your opponents in any player-versus-player fights, choose something that spells fear. For something subtler, go for simple, easy-to-pronounce names.
  • Avoid adding special characters such as _, &, $ and % to your name. They just don’t read well.
  • One-word names are cool. But a last name could give your character more depth. You can use our WoW name generator for last names too.
  • Avid gamers with social media accounts can check if there are handles on social media with the names they’ve chosen. This will help you narrow down your shortlisted names.
  • Instead of looking at racial traits, you can choose a name that suits your personality. If you have a great sense of humor, choose something amusing!
  • Add interesting adjectives before the chosen name. For example, you could use or WoW dwarf name generator and add one of these adjectives before the chosen name – cumbersome, debonair, gruesome, or voracious.

We have designed our WoW name generator in such a way that it can be easily accessed on all devices. No matter what type of name you’re looking for – dwarf, blood elf, gnome, you can find an apt one on our WoW name generator. So, stop brainstorming for names, visit our website, and select a name for your avatar.