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What is the importance of names in Greek culture?

Ancient Greek names have a traditional and cultural importance. Greeks also used these names to honor their Greek gods and goddesses. Many names were on the basis of the day the child was born and if the day was a festival for a particular God their name was put in. These names were very important for the Greeks because that depicted their religion, their culture, and tradition. Moreover, it depicted the character of the baby. For example, if a Greek has a child who wants to pursue a career in music, poetry or any other art form he would call his name Apollo. This is because the Greek God named Apollo is the Patron God of music, art and poetry.

How does the greek name generator work?

The Greek name generator has many different names to choose from with their meanings. Therefore, if you play a video game in which you want a special character you can easily make one with the use of Greek name generator. Similarly, you can choose from fantasy names, Greek God names, Greek Goddess names , Greek mythology names. You can also use this Greek name generator to name your children. The tool can help you to choose Greek last names, Greek girl names and Greek boy names.

These name generator tools are great if you’re looking for fantasy, random names, and much more:

Can I use the random Greek names that this tool creates?

Yes, you can use random Greek names that this tool creates to give a unique name to your children. You can choose from Greek God names and Greek Goddess names as well as some abstract characteristics like the word kindness, which is Charis in Greek. These names can come in handy when you play an online game or want a different name to put up on social media platforms or want to choose a name for your baby. The tool can come in handy to choose greek girl names and greek boy names.

How many ideas can I generate with this Greek Name Generator?

There is no limit to the number of ideas you generate with the help of Greek name generator. The best thing about the tool is that it gives the meaning of the name in English as well. Therefore it becomes easier to pick a name. You can also club names together to create a unique name if the name is already taken in the online game or in social media platforms or to create a unique email address. For example, you can take Evimeria which means prosperity and join it together with charoúmenos which means happiness. In a similar fashion you can create as many names as you want for greek last names, greek girl names, greek boy names through greek name generator.

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The following are some unique Greek names.

These are some amazing Greek boy names which are historically well-known as well.

Examples of greek names

Number Name
#1 Alexander
#2 Apollo
#3 Ajex
#4 Jason
#5 Homer

Some popular Greek baby girl names with their meaning or popular celebs associated with them.

Number Name
#1 Penelope
#2 Athena
#3 Rhea
#4 Selena
#5 Daphne