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Who is a Kitsune?

In Japan, foxes are called Kitsune. Japanese consider foxes to be intelligent as well as spirit animals. Kitsune are believed to be a symbol of good luck. According to them, they can shapeshift into humans and often occur in front of people to help or correct them. Kitsune are broadly divided into 13 types.

  • Tengoku Kitsune

Those who live on the Celeste planes.

  • Kaze Kitsune

Those born in harmony with the wind have their powers.

  • Seishin Kitsune

They are believed to have magical powers and are shapeshifters. In most Japanese mythology, they are addressed as spiritual Fox.

  • Kukan Kitsune

Those are experts in handling elements of space.

  • Kawa kitsunes

They have the power of water.

  • Kasai Kitsune

They can dominate fire.

  • Umi Kitsune

They are the most powerful among all, with magical powers holding Kitsune.

  • Chikyu Kitsune

They are simple animals with no extraordinary powers.

  • Sanda Kitsune

They have black and white fur and are often observed as the symbol of luck.

  • Yama Kitsune

They appear in front of humans to free them from sadness.

  • Ongaku Kitsune

They have beautiful golden tails.

  • Jikan Kitsune

They are born in harmony with time.

  • More Kitsune

They are spiritual beings appearing in many folktales.

Characteristics of a Kitsune.

Kitsune are spiritual foxes from Japanese folktales. They are believed to be a lot more than just clever animals. In Japan, Kitsune is considered an intelligent creature who helps humans overcome their fear and sadness. These Kitsune have some interesting characteristics.

  • Magical Powers

Kitsune possess magical powers and are considered the most intelligent beings.

  • Live long

Kitsune has a long life.

  • Different Colors

Kitsune come in many different types. With different beautiful colours and more than one tail.

  • Shapeshifters

Kitsune are good shapeshifters. They can shapeshift into humans and dwell among them.

  • Bring Luck

Kitsune is considered the symbol of Goodluck and prosperity.

Tips to Come Up With Good Kitsune Names.

Kitsune are believed to be spiritual foxes in Japanese culture. If you are writing about these magical animals, you would be required to name them. Following are some tips for you to come up with good Kitsune names.

  • Choose a name having a good meaning.
  • Choose one-word name.
  • Avoid common names.
  • Do well research for not choosing a duplicate name.
  • Use a fox name generator to get good Japanese Kitsune names.

What Kinds of Names Do Kitsune Have?

Kitsune are believed to have 13 different types, and each of the types has its own distinct appearance. Thus depending on its appearance, Kitsune are names which describe its personality. Some Kitsune are given names which have a deep and simple meanings.

How Does the Kitsune Name Generator Work?

Kitsune are mythological foxes with magical powers and beautiful personalities from Japanese folktales. Mostly they have names depending on their personality or names having meanings. If you are wondering what name you should give your kitsune character, then you can use this fox name generator tool. This tool has both types of Kitsune names; for generating Kitsune names, you have to:

  • Choose how many names you want from the box.
  • Choose the gender of Kitsune.

After pressing button, the list of cute kitsune names will appear.

Can I Use the Random Kitsune Names That This Tool Creates?

Kitsune is one of the famous mythological characters of many stories. Their names are very simple but meaningful. If you get stuck in getting a proper name, you can take help from this fox name generator, which generates unique names for Kitsune and can be used for naming your Kitsune and any other characters. This tool does not restrict you from using the names.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This Kitsune Name Generator?

The Fox name generator tool is developed to aid people who create fictional characters for gaming or stories. This tool can generate unique Japanese fox names. This tool does not have any prescribed limits for generating names. You can generate thousands of Kitsune names using it.

Give Some Good Kitsune Names Examples.

Kitsune are the Japanese spiritual Fox, considered a sign of good luck. There is many folklore about kitsune beings using their shape-shifting and magical powers to create wonders in the life of humans. Thus when giving names to these magical characters, you would require the help of experts. The online tool fox name generator has done detailed research on Kitsune names and has created thousands of names. Here are some examples of good Kitsune names.

Examples of Male Kitsune Names

Number Name
#1 haki
#2 eikusho
#3 kizane
#4 Minori (Truth)
#5 Katsumi (Self Controlled)

Examples of Female Kitsune Names

Number Name
#1 mimiya
#2 runu
#3 wanoka
#4 Naoko (Docile Child)
#5 Hoshi (Star)