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Japanese names generally suggest Japanese names for your books, vehicles, babies, and those all precious things you love the most.

Japanese people have only first names and last names, but they don`t have any middle names. There are more than 1,00,000different surnames in Japan. Surnames are very different and change very frequently in different regions in Japan. For instance, the Shimabukuro, Chinen, Higa are trendy names in Okinawa but other cultures and parts of Japan. Because of the diverse culture and language. The most famous name in Japan is Satō, Suzuki, and TakahashiHere I am listing some most famous and common family names in Japan.

  • Saito
  • Kobayashi
  • Watanabe
  • Yamamoto
  • Ito
  • Nakamura
  • Tanaka

The most important thing is the Japanese emperor gave the family names in the past. No one is there to maintain the family name pride. So the Japanese family and their emperor still don`t have any family names.

The name in japan is usually written in Kanji that is generally of Chinese origin in Japanese pronunciation. The Kanji have many varieties of articulation, but currently, hiragana or katakana are trendy names. Parents use this at the time of the newborn babies naming ceremony.

Kirakira names in Japan

If Pikachu is your name, then are you happy with your name? I assume some will be happy and some will not. But in Japan, parents give their children's 'Pikachu' in real life. Japanese call it 'KIRAKIRA'. It is called 'twinkle name' or 'shiny name' in Japan.

animations and mangas names in Japan

Some names like animations and mangas sound like real Japanese names, but they are not real names in Japan. They are to spread happiness. It sounds like mega characters' names, but in reality, it sounds bizarre and funny. If you use these names in Japan, Japanese people may laugh at you.

Professional names in Japan

Professional actors and actresses, sumo wrestlers, comedians, dramatic forms of Japanese and many more professionals frequently use professional names. Here, sumo wrestlers are called shikona and Sentoryu, which means fighting war dragons. Many comedians use western names and use them during the performance. It's called stage names. so different professionals select their different names according to their professions and culture.

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