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Who Is Ninja?

Ninjas are Japanese assassins having special ninja techniques, also known as ninjutsu in Japan. These ninjas usually work at night, and due to their dark-colored clothes, they move and work as shadows without anyone’s notice. Ninjas are secret agents who perform martial arts and work as assassins. Due to their popularity in the 15th century, many schools started training ninja techniques. Soon the ninja concept became a perfect character in the comic book and gaming world. Many roleplay games and comic books are designed with ninja characters in mind. Ninja turtles is an inspirational comic converted into a toy line and eventually a movie and television series.

Where Do Ninjas Come From?

Ninjas came from Japan. Japan had, in total, 18 different forms of martial arts like judo, kendo, etc., and ninjutsu is one among them. It gained popularity when individuals with such ninja techniques were hired as secret agents and assassins. Mainly because of their dark-colored clothes, which made them look like shadows. They took advantage of this, and the ninja usually performed their tasks at night, making it impossible for others to catch them. This made them famous, and Till today they are looked upon with respect not only in Japan but all over the globe.

How Does The Ninja Name Generator Work?

Being called ninja is respectful to many, if not in the real world, then at least in the fantasy gaming world. You can play your favorite ninja character and do some ninja moves virtually. This ninja name generator will help you with some ready-made super cool assassin names, which you can generate by selecting how many names you want. This tool is available for free and has to save, import, and favorites options available in it. This tool will come up with many ninja names.

Can I Use The Random Ninja Names That This Tool Creates?

Yes, you can. Ninja characters are among the oldest and the most famous characters available for roleplay in games and even for stories, novels, and comics. Ninjas are actually secret agents, and unlike other agents, they hide their real names and use a dummy name for themselves. This assassin name generator will help you in finding the assassin names, name the ninja turtles , choose from different ninja turtles names and colors, come up with some good female assassin names or ninja male names, etc. By using this tool, you can generate good names which you can use for games, stories, or wherever you want to.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This Ninja Name Generator?

Inspired by ninjas, Xmen, and Daredevil, the ninja turtles, were developed which became famous, and soon the makers started the ninja turtles toy line and movies, which all are successful. Many video games or roleplay games come where you can play the ninja character or the ninja turtle character. If you are planning to play such a character and have got stuck with teenage mutant ninja turtle names, you can use this ninja name generator tool which is free and generates cool names for ninjas. This tool even allows you to generate names unlimited times, which means you are free to generate as many results as you wish and come up with some good Japanese ninja names or ninja clan names.

Give Some Good Ninja Names Examples.

Ninja was a secret assassin from Japan who, due to their ninja techniques and their flawless services, became famous. Many video games, movies, novels, and comics adopted the ninja concept and started to make the ninja character. If a ninja is your favorite childhood hero, you can roleplay the character in fantasy games. All you need is a cool name that you can generate using this ninja name generator tool.

Here are some examples of good ninja names for your references.

Examples of ninja names

Number Name
#1 Bloodstrike
#2 Snow kill
#3 The ghost mime
#4 Jade blade
#5 The still vision