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Who is WoW Troll?

Trolls are fictional races from the roleplay fantasy game world of warcraft. Trolls are considered the oldest and most wise race of Azeroth. Trolls are tall and muscular and have tusks and long ears. Their long arms and legs help them in defeating their enemies. Depending on the surroundings where they live, trolls are divided into different groups like blood trolls, forest trolls, jungle trolls, dark trolls, Zandalari trolls, sand trolls, and ice trolls.

Where Did WoW Trolls Come From?

Trolls are the ancient and most intelligent race of Azeroth. In the Kalimdor lay, there is the well of Eternity from which the trolls had appeared, and soon many other races were developed from them—being the oldest race of all, they are often considered the wiser ones. Trolls are roughly divided into many different types depending on the surroundings. Trolls are much stronger and more muscular than other races. Trolls practice many mystic arts which have connections with dark magic.

Characteristics of WoW Troll.

When the Well of Eternity started to produce lifeforms, trolls were the first. Apart from being the oldest and the wisest race, they have many different characteristics.

  • All have tusks.

All Trolls have tusks irrespective of their gender.

  • Trolls like to stay with naked feet.

Trolls usually prefer to live without wearing shoes or boots since they have only three fingers in their hands and three toes on their feet.

  • They adapt to the environment.

Depending on their type, trolls’ physical bodies have managed to adjust to the environment; for instance, forest trolls can grow a thick layer of moss on their skin, whereas jungle trolls have soft fur covered on their body.

  • Reviving powers

Trolls can revive any broken part of their body.

  • Very good at fighting

Trolls are very good fighters; their most significant enemies are the dark elves.

Tips to Come Up With Best WoW Troll Names.

Trolls are said to be the first race. They speak their native Zandali as their common language. In general terms, their language is much similar to African English. If you want to play with these fierce fighters, then you must give them a suitable name. Here are some tips which you can use for choosing the best names for your troll character.

  • Similarity with the Zandali language

Choose a name that might sound similar to their zandali language.

  • Small name

Choose a small name. Making it easy to memorize.

  • Unique name

Choose a name that is not being used by others to avoid being a duplicate of others.

  • Get inspired by legendary troll characters.

Take inspiration from the legendary famous troll names characters.

  • Take the help of an online tool.

Make use of troll name generator tools for free and random troll names.

How Does the WoW Troll Name Generator Work?

Trolls are the most dangerous fighters; their tall height and strong physique make them appear like giants. They are considered wise and the oldest race. You can give them good troll names when playing this wise character using this troll name generator tool. For generating trolls character names, you needed to

  • Select the number of troll names you want in one set.
  • Select which gender troll name you want.

Then after pressing the button, your desired set of cool troll names will be generated.

Can I Use the Random WoW Troll Names That This Tool Creates?

Trolls are considered the first life forms that appeared from the Well of Eternity. All the other races are said to have either came after them or evolved from them. Thus if you want to name your troll character or any other character similar to them, you can use this random troll name generator tool. The names generated using this tool can be used according to your wish. This tool has no restrictions on it.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This WoW Troll Name Generator?

Trolls use the zandali language for communication. They are divided into many different groups depending on the surroundings they live in. Thus this troll name generator covers all forms of troll names and can generate uncountable names for you. There are no limitations on generating the names; you can redo the steps and generate a new set of troll names each time.

Give Some Good WoW Troll Names Examples.

A troll name generator is an online tool that generates names for free. While creating a troll character, instead of brainstorming on what name you should give your character, you can use this tool and get some cool troll names. It has download as well as saving options. Apart from that, you can also create your favorite list. Below are examples of good and funny troll names for your reference.

Examples of Male troll

Number Name
#1 i’chahish
#2 drehesh
#3 kupto
#4 run’chaish
#5 mugho

Examples of Female troll

Number Name
#1 manwune
#2 finjez’da
#3 halrishith
#4 neiduth
#5 kez’mu