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Who Are Trolls?

Trolls are mythological creatures from nordic folktales. According to the Old Norse sources, trolls used to live in small groups in isolated places of rocks, mountains, caves, etc. They are evil creatures and rarely help humans. Trolls look similar to humans. Depending on these folktales, many fantasy roleplay games introduced the trolls’ race in their games. This fictional gaming troll is a giant humanoid species that are predator and can regenerate its body parts. They are strong giants whose only fear is fire and acid.

What is the Origin of Trolls?

In the real world, trolls originated in the folk stories of the Norse and were found in isolated places like rocks, mountains, and caves. Similarly, in the fictional gaming world, trolls are humanoid giants found almost everywhere, from the arctic waste to tropical jungles. These dangerous predators do not stay in one place but roam in different areas killing and feeding on their prey; they can eat whatever they can.

What Are the Types of Trolls?

Gaming trolls are dangerous monsters who can feed on almost anything. They come in many different types depending on their habitat. Here is the list of different types of trolls:

  • Fire Troll: They can resist fire.
  • Fell Trolls: They are said to be the crossbreed and are one of the largest types.
  • Cave Troll: They are the dangerous hunter and are said to be one of the wildest ones.
  • Ice Troll: They live in cold climates and are among the smartest.
  • Forest Troll: They are small, good hunters, and are more intelligent than the others.
  • Snow Troll: They are short and can hunt and survive a cold environment.
  • Tree Troll: They are small and said to be the result of magical experiments.
  • Bladerager Troll: They have steel blades and armor implanted in their bodies.
  • Rot Troll: They are filled with neurotic energy.
  • Mountain Troll: They are giant beasts known for their size; they even keep ogres and giants as their minions.

Characteristics of Trolls.

A troll is a mythological giant-like creature who used to live in isolated places. In the gaming world, trolls are of many different types depending on their place of living, abilities, and size. Trolls are dangerous predatory characters. Following are some of the characteristics of trolls.

  • Trolls are often compared to giants.
  • They are tall, have thin bodies with thick and rubbery hides of mossy green color, and long arms with claws.
  • Female trolls are larger and more powerful than males.
  • They have a hunch on their back.
  • They are sensitive to light and have the poor hearing ability.
  • Their most powerful ability is regeneration. Trolls can regenerate their body from the cut part, and the cut portion can even convert into a new troll.
  • They hunt like most living creatures.
  • They are good in combat.
  • They only fear fire and acid.

Why Do You Need a Troll Name?

Trolls are among the oldest characters in fantasy roleplay games. While creating this character, you would require to give it a name which you can do either by brainstorming and considering various points like uniqueness, ease of pronunciation, etc.; or you can use this troll name generator tool which can be ready to give you a cool troll names list. So if you need help coming up with a name or get stuck while naming a troll, feel free to use this troll name generator tool.

How Does the Troll Name Generator Work?

Trolls are among the oldest playable characters from roleplay fantasy games. While creating this massive predator character, you can use the troll names generator tool. You only need to select the gender and number of results, and your troll names will be displayed within seconds. This troll name generator tool is free and has features like save, import, download, and favorites.

Can I Use the Random Troll Names That This Tool Creates?

Yes, you are free to use the troll names dnd generated using this troll name generator homestuck. This tool always uses the names that have been generated. You can use the troll names whenever you want. If you are creating a gaming character, a movie or story character, etc., this tool’s names can be used anywhere and will suit your troll character irrespective of which character it is.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This Troll Name Generator?

This wow troll names generator will generate thousands of troll names for you. There are no restrictions on name generation. Trolls are one of the dangerous characters from fantasy roleplay games; while creating them, they would require a good name that can suit their massive personality. With the help of this tool, you can generate some funny troll name, cool troll names, etc., and if you are unsatisfied with the result, you can regenerate it as many times as you want.

Give Troll Names Inspired by Myths and Legends.

Trolls are nordic folk tales beings. They are mythological creatures who used to live in isolated places and pose a threat to human beings. These creatures look like giants and are dangerous. They are said to be good at hunting. Here are some of the famous troll names from mythology.

  • Ymer
  • Dunker
  • Hrugnir
  • Trym
  • Dovregubben

Give Some Good Troll Names Examples.

Trolls are massive, dangerous giant-like humanoid creatures. They feed on almost anything. Thus they can be seen everywhere. They have a distinct feature of regeneration, allowing them to regenerate their body from the cut portion. Before creating this vicious creature, you need to come up with an appropriate name for it which you can get from this troll name generator tool. This tool can randomly generate more than a thousand names for you.

Here are examples of some good troll names for your reference.

Examples of troll male names

Number Name
#1 Jaafan
#2 Rakash
#3 Kaijin
#4 Tedar
#5 Zulkaz

Examples of troll female names

Number Name
#1 Tayo
#2 Shamra
#3 Alunja
#4 Zyra
#5 Nelina