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Who Are the Draenei?

These are the frictional races from the roleplay games. They belong to Argus, and they were previously called Eredar races. They were the purest and most intelligent races, but many of them, including their leaders, were soon corrupted. Then with the few uncorrupted Eredar and one of their uncorrupted leaders, Velen somehow managed to flee from Argus and landed in a place they named Draenor, which means the place for refuge. After that, they named themselves draenei, which means thrown-out ones. The uncorrupted ones were followers of the beings of light known as Naaru. When they fled from their homeland, the Naaru race appeared and blessed them with knowledge and the power of light.

Characteristics of Draenei.

Draenei is the most intelligent and uncorrupted race in the gaming world. They are said to be the simplest ones and show the following characteristics.

  • Lovers of peace

Draenei is a peace lover and considers everyone equal.

  • Brilliant soldiers

Draenei is very good warriors. They can combat with different techniques.

  • Naru race support

Draenei were saved by the naaru race when they were attacked by demons.

  • Unique facial features

Draenei are tall with blue skin color and their forehead appears like a fan.

  • Different physical features of men and women

Draenei women have curved horns on their head and tendrils behind their ears whereas Draenei male have tendrils on their chins and they do not have horns.

Tips to Come Up With Good Draenei Names.

Draenei are the race of a few uncorrupted Eredar who had managed to flee to Draenor and where again had to hide and flee remote different parts. Though they do not have a specific naming culture. Most of the draenei names sound similar to Arabic words. To come up with good draenei names you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Easy pronunciation

Choose a name which might be easier to pronounce and memorize.

  • With meaning

Choose a name having some sort of meaning to it.

  • Research

Do a little research on the other draenei characters from the games so as to get ideas.

  • Avoid identical names

Avoid duplicate names which are already taken by someone else.

  • Utilize a tool.

Use the draenei name generator and get ready-made wow draenei names.

How Does the Wow Draenei Name Generator Work?

Draenei is the most intelligent and peace-loving race in the fictional gaming world. Even though they love to be in peace, they are very good warriors. While playing this cool character, you can take help from the wow draenei name generator to give your Draenei character a good, light-forged draenei name. This tool works with minimal steps. You only have to choose the gender and the number of names you want, and a list of your chosen options will be shown to you.

Can I Use the Random Wow Draenei Names That This Tool Creates?

Draenei is the race of fictional characters from the gaming world, which can be used for roleplaying or in stories and novels. Wherever you use this draenei character, you would require a name for them which you can get by using the draenei name generator tool. This tool will create a unique random world of warcraft draenei names for your use. The names generated using this tool can be used anywhere you want. This tool will never restrict you from using the generated names.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This Wow Draenei Name Generator?

Wow draenei name generator is an online name generator tool. The best thing about this tool is the following:

  • Two steps

It works with just two steps.

  • It has other features as well

It has very good features like copy, download, favorites, and unlimited name generation ability.

  • Unlimited name generation

When you feel the names you have generated are unfit, you can generate new names unlimited times.

Give Some Good Wow Draenei Names Examples.

Warcraft draenei are the most peace-loving race but are good warriors. They are the followers of naaru, the light beings. Thus they are blessed with intelligence and the power of light. This draenei name generator has unlimited unique light forged draenei names. Here are some good wow draenei names examples.

Examples of male Draenei

Number Name
#1 Hanir
#2 Derelan
#3 Maham
#4 Vorord
#5 Osuun

Examples of Draenei Female

Number Name
#1 Mahlaena
#2 Nanosaana
#3 Aveun
#4 Palalii
#5 Ayuti