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Names are an important source of information, and it's a sign to recognize living and nonliving objects. Names indicate material, gender, places, religion, nationality, gods, family, positions, and many more. Naming procedures vary enormously across the globe.

Russian names are fascinating and meaningful but can be confusing for English speakers. In Russia, a one-person has too many nicknames.

Naming or names are an important deal. Many times names are very long and confusing for most people. There are three names included in the Russian names. The first name is a patronymic and a surname. The first name and last name are considered as self-explanatory. The Russian naming system is the same as an American naming cultural tradition. There is only one difference between naming traditions: a child gets their fathers' name instead of their middle name.

The last name is similar to the last name in English, but there is a difference between males and females. They add 'a' behind the female's last name. For instance, Pushkin is the last name, so 'Pushkin' is for a man and 'Pushkina' is for a woman.

Here we are listing down some examples of female's and male's name examples. The names Smirnov, Ivanov, Vasiliev, Kuznetsov, Popov for men and Mikhailova, Sokolova, Petrova, Federova, and Morozova for females.

So Russians don't select their middle names because it will be created by taking their father's name and adding -ovich/-evich for boys and -ovna/-evna for girls at the end of the name. The father's last name decides the specific ending in other countries. People welcome by adding 'Mr' and 'Mrs' before the name, but people are petitioned by the patronymic and first name in Russia. On the whole, Russians preferred traditional names for their children, and this ratio is increasing day by day.

NameGenTool presents the Russian Name Generator tool, which makes this Russian naming procedure easy and reliable. If you are looking for a Russian name generator, this tool will help you generate Russian names as per your requirements. Each name is computer generated according to Russian traditions.

How can you use the Russian Name Generator?

The tool is very easy to operate, and in just a few steps, you can generate Russian names and fulfil your requirement. We have mentioned a few steps to educate regarding how to use this tool.

  • Click the Russian Name Generator..
  • Select the quantity dropdown to select how many names you need.
  • Select Male Name or Female Name as per your requirement.
  • Click the generate button to see the result. Once you get the names, generate text files by using the download file feature. Otherwise, you can copy and paste your selected names at your place one by one.

What are good Russian names?

This generator generates names that will be significant that you can use wherever you want. We are mentioning some samples here for your reference. Please check it out and get some ideas on it.

Example of Russian Names

Number Name
#1 Radimir Medved
#2 Leonid Borisov
#3 Lyov Aleksandrov
#4 Gleb Vinogradov
#5 Stanislav Zima
#6 Mariya Kozlov
#7 Alla Fedorov
#8 Rodion Antonov
#9 Alisa Shvets
#10 Rozaliya Kuznetsov

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