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What Is A Guild?

A guild is a union of people with the same occupation or goal. They are a team that agrees to work together to achieve success in a certain area or project. Commonly, merchants and artists form a guild or become a part of one. The main purpose of this association is to have peaceful trade in their area. The members even get financial support from the guild association in the form of a loan. The members of the guild have to pay a certain amount to become members on an annual basis. Some large guilds even control the supply of goods in their area.

What Are The Types Of Guilds In Roleplaying Games?

Many roleplaying games have different characters that you can roleplay. These fantasy games have many different guilds which you can join and, together with them, can pass the levels. Some of these guilds may charge you gold for their membership. Here are some of the types of guilds from the roleplay games:

  • Laborers Guild

The members of this guild are laborers. However, the sad part is that other guilds often ignore them. This is because they are workers with less pay.

  • Arcane Guild

This guild is made for magic users. Thus, all the members are either sorcerers or spellcasters.

  • Adventurers Guild

The guild members in this guild seek adventure. They do so by activities like hunting monsters or by discovering new places. They always stay together.

  • Scholastic Guild

These guild members are people who are highly scholarly. Thus, this guild is open to monks or sages.

  • Mercantile Guild

All the merchants who trade goods are members of this guild.

  • Criminal Guild

The members of this guild are those who do unethical or unlawful work. These guilds are difficult to join

  • Performers Guilds

This guild is made up of performers like actors who perform for their livelihood.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Guild?

Guilds have members who work in the same industry, so one can join a guild to take advantage of certain shared benefits. Here are some of the benefits one can enjoy by joining the guild.

  • Discounted food and room.
  • Each guild has its own common symbols, which one gets to wear.
  • Get access to certain privileged places.
  • Admission to parties.
  • Financial help from the guild.
  • Recognition among the members which helps to get work easily.
  • Group of like minded people who understand situation and circumstances better since they have also gone through them.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Joining A Guild?

Every coin has two sides, so do these guilds. Sometimes, joining these guilds can be harmful. These are some of the drawbacks of joining a guild:

  • Attending certain ceremonies becomes mandatory.
  • Payment of a certain amount is compulsory.
  • Has to work with the rules of the guild.

What Are Some Good Names For A Fantasy Guild?

Guilds are very famous in role-playing fantasy games. These guild members work together to achieve the goal and pass on levels. Here are some of the cool guild names from the fantasy games.

  • Arcane Brothers
  • Shadow Thieves
  • Cult of Rakdos
  • Selesnya Conclave
  • Brotherhood of the Cloak

There are a number of online tools that can help you generate various real, witch, angel names.

How Does The Guild Name Generator Work?

While playing fantasy games, you and your friends who play the same type of character can create their own guild. To do so, you need to form a group of like-minded people and have to come up with some good guild names to choose from. By using this Guild name generator, you can get ready-made guild name ideas to choose from. All you need to do is enter the number of ideas you wish to see in one go.

Can I Use The Random Guild Names That This Tool Creates?

Yes, you can. To form an association that works together for a common goal, it needs to have a strong and cool name for itself so as to attract more and more members, so as to make the guild stronger, which will be difficult to defeat, which is possible with this faction name generator tool. This tool generates some good strong names, which you can use while playing fantasy games or even while giving names to your cool gang.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This Guild Name Generator?

By joining any guild, it becomes easier to achieve goals. There are certain guilds who even defeat demons. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a good name, which will increase the status of the guild and even help to attract more people towards it. With the help of this wow guild name generator, you can get some cool guild name ideas to choose from. This tool even gives you freedom to generate as many results as you want. There is no limit for the generation of results.

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Give Some Good Guild Names Examples.

Guilds are formed by common-interest people who have a common goal to achieve. Each guild has its own importance. The members of these guilds even enjoy certain privileges. You can even build your own guild and can name it using this funny guild name generator tool, which will help you to get cool names for your guild and can even attract a crowd to itself.

The following are some of the good guild name examples.

Examples Of Guild Names

Number Name
#1 Sorcerers Of The Bitter
#2 Hell Arrows
#3 Emerald Titans
#4 Myth Of Loyalty
#5 Humming Foxes