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Do you want the perfect last name for the protagonist of your new book? Want a unique Asian surname for a game character? Look no further. Make use of our last name generator and choose from our enormous list. We’ve created our website using a state-of-the-art software program that gives you the option to choose from an array of last names. From old school family names to Asian and African surnames, you’ll find them all here.

Why use our first and last name generator?

Instead of being stuck with John or Jane Doe, you can now get a list of exclusive surnames with a click of a button. Here are some of the reasons why you need to try out our first and last name generator.

  • When it comes to unique names for game characters, people seldom get it right. Even if they have a first name ready, finding a surname could be difficult – it either makes or breaks the full name. When you make use of our last name generator, you will be amazed at the massiveness of our list. So, scroll through and take your time to choose an apt name that would boost your game character’s personality. You can use our fantasy last name generator to get amazing surnames for your game characters.
  • Need a mob name? Gangster names are so cool, without a doubt. But when people think mobs, they think Corleone and Quixote. You can count on our last name generator for some unique mob or gangster surnames!
  • Those writing books or fiction blogs always need surnames for their characters. Instead of going for the usual Williams and Brown, opt for unique names from our list. You can find everything from old English names to fantasy ones.
  • Are you looking for Biblical names? Though the Holy Bible doesn’t mention any surnames, you can still choose Biblical names like Moses and Elijah as last names. More names are available on our last name generator!
  • Modern families have the wife’s and husband’s names hyphenated together as a unique surname. But isn’t it too long? If you want a unique last name to break this tradition, choose one from our list. Rest assured that you’ll get a better name than a double-barrelled one.
  • If you want a pseudonym or a stage name, you must know you’ll be stuck with this name for life. Ask Calvin Harris! Instead of going for a random popular name, find a name you can resonate with from our last name generator.
  • Some people use our last name generator for fun! Yes, we invite everyone to try out our random last name generator.

How to use our last name generator

Our last name generator is oh so easy to use. Simply make use of the following steps:

  • Visit our website from any device. (Yes, we are compatible on all devices!).
  • Click on ‘last name generator’.
  • Select the type of name you want (Old English, Asian, family name. etc.).
  • Click on ‘Generate’.
  • If you want a new list of names, click on the generate button again!
  • Keep hitting the generate button until you find the name you like. We assure you, you will!

For instance, if you want a Japanese surname, use our Japanese last name generator and find a list of both popular and unique surnames.

Gone are the days when people used to add city names to their given names. People today are looking for exclusive names. No matter why you need a last name, you can get the name you are looking for from our unique list. So, give that average Joe or plain Jane a kickass surname by using our last name generator. From old fashioned English surnames to wizardly ones, get amazing last names now.