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Who is Au Ra?

Aura is a fictional race of Descendants of dragons from the roleplaying game Final Fantasy XIV. The Aura race is divided into two tribes:

  • The one with white scales is AuRa Raen and
  • The one with black scales is AuRa Xaela Raen.

AuRa Raen

They believe former blood runs in their body which is why they have dazzling white scales and firm determination. Earlier, they lived peacefully isolated from others, but in modern times they left their old places and settled in towns. Currently, Raen are found in Werlyt, Ilsabard, Radz-at-Han and Nagxia.


According to Xaela, the latter’s blood runs in their body, making their shimmering black scales and blazing determination. Xaela does not live in one place; rather, they like to roam freely. They live in small groups hunting and leading their lives for generations. They are found in Azim Steppe and Oronir.

Characteristics of Au Ra.

In the Final Fantasy XIV roleplay games, Aura is the fictional race which can be roleplayed. They are divided into two groups. They possess certain characteristics like.

  • Scales

They have scales on their body and curved horns, which makes them distant relatives of dragons.

  • Vision

They have excellent vision.

  • Recognize areas

They have geographic recognition skills.

  • Tail colour

They have different colour tails.

  • No ears

They do not have ears.

  • Use vibrations

They use their horns to feel the vibrations around them.

  • Long life

They live for around 100 to 120 years.

Tips for Finding Good Au Ra Names.

Since the race of Au ra is divided into two parts in the same manner, their names are also bifurcated into two parts. The Raen keep Japanese names, whereas the Xaela keeps Mongolian names. Those from Werlyt keep European names, and those from Thavnair keep Indian names. Here are some tips for choosing the best ffxiv au ra names.

  • Choose names with powerful dominance.
  • Choose names that have natural meanings.
  • Choose names which are easier to pronounce.
  • Choose a unique au ra name using the au ra name generator tool.
  • Choose an uncommon name which has never been heard before.
  • Choose a name wisely to avoid duplicates.

How Does the Au Ra Name Generator Work?

Aura is the roleplay race from the fantasy games. They are said to be the offspring of dragons. Depending on their physical appearances, they are divided into Raen and Xaela. Using this aura name generator, you can give your aura characters good au ra names. To generate a name, you have to follow the below steps:

  • Choose the number of names you want from the drop box.
  • Choose the gender in which you want names.
  • Press the button to generate names.

The list of your customized names will occur.

Can I Use the Random Au Ra Names That This Tool Creates?

If you plan to play the roleplaying game Final Fantasy XIV, you will come across one of the game’s oldest races, AuRa, which you can choose. They have beautiful scales and curved horns with tails. This race keeps different names depending on where they are from or which tribe they belong to. This ffxiv au ra name generator tool has some very good aura names, specifically au ra female names. Since they are fictional races, they can be used in other games or stories, which is why this tool has no restrictions on using the generated names. You can use the names you get from this tool wherever you want.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This Au Ra Name Generator?

Aura is the fictional race of Fantasy roleplaying games. While playing this character, you can use this ffxiv name generator tool to give your aura character a cool name. The name you give to your character will determine your character’s personality; thus, choosing a perfect name becomes very important. This raen name generator can create thousands of names. You can generate limitless names using this tool.

Give Some Good Au Ra Names Examples.

Au ra name generator tool creates unique au ra names for free, which you can use to give any of your characters. This tool has done detailed research on the Aura race and their names. It is developed so that it can create all types of aura names. The generated names can be copied and even downloaded. Here are some examples of good aura names available in this tool.

Examples of Male au ra names

Number Name
#1 Dologadai Urumet
#2 nakahira Fukiku
#3 uchiatsu Tabito
#4 Jenkshi Oronir
#5 kuniyoshi Akagane

Examples of Female au ra names

Number Name
#1 Kuni Edakumi
#2 Berude Adarkim
#3 Nabe Tachikake
#4 Shino Kawanami
#5 Magi Hagane