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Who Are Bandits?

Bandits are the ones who commit well-planned crimes like robbery, murder, extortion, etc. Bandits commonly commit these crimes. They are also called banditry. These bandits work in person or a group. Some well-organized criminals often lead their groups. Pirates are also a type of Bandit who rob other ships on the seas and oceans. They usually cover their face and are good at breaking into houses and entering for robbery. Bandits often have no other option than to commit such crimes. In other words, they get stuck in their work because of a helpless situation. However, they are unable to come out of it after that. There might be only a few who do it of their own will. Most of them are tired of their poverty or thier joblessness or have been troubled by the law and now want to seek revenge.

Where Does the Word Bandit Come From?

The word Bandit came from the Latin word bandito. This word means to work in unethical ways and against the law. Bandits are said to be a robber or thief who covers their face and breaks into the house for robbery. They may also attack the vehicles going on the road if they are alone. They usually work in a well-organized group. A well-trained boss leads these types of criminals. Many bandits may also work independently and do not affiliate with any group.

Why Do People Become Bandits?

Every person has their good and bad sides. There are always two sides to a coin. Similar is the case with the bandits. Even though it is not easy to understand the real motive behind the banditry, all bandits are not criminals who have always wanted to enter the criminal world. There are many reasons why an ordinary citizen would become a bandit. We have analyzed many real bandit stories worldwide and concluded that there are some major reasons why a person turns into a bandit. Below are some of these reasons that might make a law-abiding citizen into a bandit or criminal:

  • Poverty

Among the many reasons, the first one is poverty. Poverty is one of the root causes of many crimes. It makes the person helpless and makes them choose such a path of wrongdoing.

  • Revenge

Another reason would be injustice done towards an individual or their family, which would lead the person to do things out of the law.

  • Homelessness

People who are often homeless and unable to earn a square meal usually go for criminal activities and become bandits.

  • Joblessness

The people without jobs who need money in despair follow a war or very hurt people choose to become bandits when they run out of other options.

  • Addiction

Drug addicts or alcoholics who need a constant flow of money to take drugs or drink alcohol join the group of bandits so that they can continue their licentious life without any issues.

  • With one’s will

Very few people enjoy the thrill of doing something against the law or the easy money through robbery, which is why they select this profession of their own will.

  • Hereditary

Sometimes a person because a bandit because his or her father or mother was a bandit.

How Does the Bandit Name Generator Work?

Bandits are a very common roleplay character in many fictional games. They are common topics for many stories and movies too. Thus, when making your character, you can use the bandit name generator tool, which creates all types of bandit names. These are the simple steps that you will have to follow:

  1. You can choose from the gender, like which gender bandit names you want male, female, or neutral.
  2. After choosing gender, you need to choose how many pairs of names you want.
  3. According to your chosen options, your list of bandit names will be displayed.

Can I Use the Random Bandit Names That This Tool Creates?

Bandits are someone who robs or commit a crime. They do things that go against the law of the land. Bandits are the inspiration for many movies, stories, and fantasy games. With the help of this rogue name generator, you can give your bandit character a cool name. The bandit names you have generated using this tool can be used anywhere without any hesitation, as this tool has no restrictions on the names it has generated.

How Many Ideas Can I Generate With This Bandit Name Generator?

Bandits commit crimes either for pleasure or because they have no other option. A criminal name generator tool is an online name generator that can generate many cool bandit names or bandit group names for your fictional bandit character. This tool has every type of bandit name. Below are the ideas that you can create.

  • Any gender

You can have names of any gender, like male, female, and neutral.

  • Unlimited names

Thus you can generate as many names as you want. This tool generates uncountable random names. If you feel the pair of names you have generated is not very cool, you can generate a new set each time.

Give Some Good Bandit Names Examples.

The outlaw names generator is a free online tool that generates cool bandit names for your bandit gaming, movie, or story character. They often commit crimes by covering their face. Thus they require a nickname for themselves so that their real names are not published and do not come into the picture. This tool will generate every type of bandit name for you. Here are some examples of good bandit names from this tool.

Examples of Male Bandit

Number Name
#1 Barden Crazy Eyes
#2 Weasel Dobbs
#3 Travon the Bull
#4 Pegleg Lawrence
#5 Wilfred the Nightmare

Examples of Female Bandit

Number Name
#1 Tracy Dangerous
#2 Lucky Makenzie
#3 Aislinn Bullseye
#4 Black Eyed Kaylin
#5 Dania the Heist

Examples of Neutral Bandit

Number Name
#1 Justice Mad Eyes
#2 Dangerous Jo Val
#3 the Weasel Crazy
#4 Eyes Drew
#5 Mad Dog Justice