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Welcome to the most prominent and communicated language in the world. If you are looking for a valuable Chinese name generator to create meaningful names, this Chinese name generator is for you. This generator generates computer-generated characters randomly, so we encourage you to do your research according to your Chinese rituals and naming process.

The name expresses a specific meaning, and it plays an essential role in our lives. Here, we talk about Chinese words, and every character conveys some particular meaning. Chinese names are very expressive, and it generates connectivity between words.

The naming process is essential in human culture, and everyone can`t create a meaningful name for their child. That is why the Chinese name Generate came into the picture to make your creative naming process very easy.

Our Chinese name generator creates random Chinese names for both males and females. The Chinese name generator generates quality and meaningful words with the help of all possible combinations.

Why get a Chinese name?

Chinese Names are significantly closer and preserved for more than 6000 years, and it is not just for fun. The Chinese names culture is a backbone and came early as 1200BC, and it connects them with the ancient world and draws you closer to ancient culture.

How does the Chinese name generator work?

Our Chinese name generator works on different combinations pattern and chooses to select the best and meaningful character that generates the sound of your name and meaning. It generates meaningful name combinations instead of generating names which makes no sense to Chinese lecturers.

It is easy to generate Chinese names with our Chinese Name Generator.

Step #1: Select how many names you require by selecting the numbers.

Step #2: Select Chinese male names or Chinese female names according to your requirements.

Step #3: Click generate and get the Chinese names.

Can I use the random Chinese names that this tool creates?

Yes, you can. The generated names claim no copyright, but it is possible that some of having the same name that our generator has created.

How many names can I generate with this random Chinese name generator?

There is no restriction stone in our generator. So feel free and keep clicking to get new Chinese names and copy & use them in your way. This Chinese name generator generates countless names.

What are good Chinese names?

In this generator, there are thousands of random Chinese names. Here are a few examples:

Examples of Chinese names

Number Name
#1 Huang Zexi
#2 Sun Xuegang
#3 Hao Jiang
#4 Lei Yong
#5 Meng Tu
#6 Qiao Wuying
#7 Tian Zhelan
#8 Kang Shuren
#9 Cao Cai
#10 Cheng Fu

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