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Naming something is one of the most challenging and important steps for every individual. NameGenTool is a tool where you can generate any name according to your business requirements.

Thinking of Last Name can be a tough task. Whether the last is for the character, books, games, or any other alias, use Last Name Generator and find the perfect last name for a handle as per your requirements.

Fantasy name generator

Guessing up with cool, funny, and realistic names required the best level of creativity. NameGenTool will help you to make highly unusual and cool names as per your requirements, demands and usability.

Japanese name generator

The Japanese Name Generator suggests random names for your character, books, games, story, movies, babies according to gender preference. Just select the Male or Female option, and this generator will generate a real name for your requirements.

Random name generator

Just run this plugin to generate any random names like business, city, state, country, baby, author, and many other interesting properties according to your business requirements.

Color Name Generator

Colors are a very vital part of our day-to-day lives. It is tough to explain how to name colors among millions of colors. This color code name generator combines HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK color codes that help generate different random colors with codes to recognize quickly.


What Is Name Generator?

Let’s think about the name generator as a toolkit that binds n number or name generators of different types seamlessly into a single page without any kind of unnecessary hassles.

Name generator works by generating any type of name, be it fantasy names, Japanese names, random names or even cool names as per your requirement in the shortest period, using the requirement that you have provided and therefore saving you the hassle of creating or inventing them yourself and saving your precious time along with it.

The name generator works from a massive reservoir that has a huge database of names and information to work from, helping it to create and invent new and elegant names from the search criteria provided by you.

The website doesn’t charge you any type of charges for using the services of the name generators provided by us.

The website is launched by a group of a talented and passionate team, who have kept in mind the worth of your precious and quality time that can be used for many other important tasks by assisting you in generating the types of names of your choice for your good use.

No, there is no specific limit as such, for using the name generator, you may go ahead and use the name generator of your choice as much as you require.

You may go ahead and generate as many names as you may require, and there is no restriction for the same.

There is no such necessity of creating a user account or so to make use of the name generator webpage, you may go ahead and use the name generator of your choice directly, without any hassles.